The S.A.V.E. Foundation Services

SAVE Readiness

Prepare women to escape their abuser by connecting and directing them with the right resources. For protection of the victims we will not post the checklist on the website Contact the foundation to schedule a virtual or face-face appointment.

SAVE Emotional Preparation

Accompany women to court appearances so they are not alone providing emotional support.

SAVE Advocacy

Accompany women to court appearances. Provide emotional and spiritual support.

SAVE Resiliency and Transformational Coaching

Dr. Natasha Rangel, President will be utilizing cognitive behavior techniques and strategies, NOT counseling, that is survivor-centered and focuses on life skills, goal development, and self-care. She uses trauma-informed care approaches that empowers survivors to move forward, feel safe, while taking healthy steps to live a more fulfilling life. 

SAVE Victim Impact Statement Program

Dr. Natasha Rangel, President, can write and present Victims Impact Statements on behalf of the victim and/or survivor to the court, if they so choose.

SAVE Educational Awareness

Create awareness and dialogue on issues related to domestic violence through speaking engagements (high schools companies, organizations, non-profit, fundraisers, and various events).